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Considered as the Einstein of Biblical prophecy: Peter Kling combined his scientific and religious knowledge together, to uncover the "mystery" that religion has tried to keep hidden for over 2000 years!

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Jeffrey Pritchett and Guy Weddle interviews Peter on the Church of Mabus Show Podcast on UFO Paranormal Radio Network.
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In his new article, Peter ask the question as to whether the United States of America is involved in the UFO/Alien Business. In a very revealing examination, he looks at the development of advanced high technology built on the legacy of the Top Secret Nazi "Black Projects," following the end of World War II. Read more here: BLOG and get an insight into a web of deception and intrigue.

Peter blogs about the various Prophecies of Revelation and their Modern Day Applications. BLOG.

Henry and Beth
interviews Peter

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Dave Schrader & Mallie Fox interviews Peter
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Peter blogs about the oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, and the prophetic implications. BLOG.

KOA-850 AM Host Rick Barber interviews Peter
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X Zone Host Rob Mc Connell interviews Peter
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Yes it is coming, but what does it mean for we the people?

Armageddon: Is it really "God's War", if so who is "God"?

Religion: Why does it have no answers, has it failed us?

666: What is the mystery and the meaning of this number?

The Anti-Christ: is this a real person, or is there more to know?

Conspiracy: A "New World Order", who is behind it, Freemasons, the Illuminati, or is there someone else?
Prophecy: Nostradamus, the Mayans, Egyptians, the Bible, what are they telling us, where does their information come from?

What is our future?
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3 Americans Struck Down by 'Deadliest E. Coli Outbreak on Record' – Mutant Strain Kills 18 in Europe

Edible RFID Tags Track Your Food from Beginning to End

Arizona Fires Force Evacuations in 3 Communities

Missouri River Rises, Flood Extends Underground

What Did We Do to Deserve This? God Has More Disaster Than FEMA Has Relief

Corps Updates Reservoir Release Forecast to Unprecedented Levels

Report: Rising Temperatures Threaten a Food Crisis

Alarm Sounded Over U.S. Foreign Aid

New Strain of MRSA Superbug Found in Cows, Humans

U.S. Gov't Slapped With Credit Warning

Moody's Threat Is a Departure from S&P's Warning

John Edwards Indicted

Obama Declares June Gay Pride Month

'Dr. Death' Dead: Heart Trouble Claims Kevorkian

Fed. Judge Prohibits Prayer at Texas Grad. Ceremony

Yemen's Chaos Is Boost to al-Qaeda

Netanyahu on 'Naksa Day': We Won't Allow Borders to be Breached

Blazing Arms Depot Forces 30,000 to Flee

500 Palestinians Set for Mass ‘Fly-in’ to Ben-Gurion Airport

IDF Gearing for Next Wave of Palestinian Protests

Google China E-Mail Hack: FBI to Investigate

Are Record Breaking Tornados Just One Sign The Biblical Apocalypse Is Here?

Flooding Spreads – to Montana, Idaho, Wyoming
Few Citizens Realize They Are Test Subjects Eating Genetically Modified Foods
South Dakota Warns of Evacuations from Floods
Stephen Hawking Sees Impending Apocalypse By Alien Invasion
100 Feet Wide/Deep Sinkhole in Illinois?!
NUCLEAR DEAD ZONE: Fukushima Radiation As High As Chernobyl!
NASA's WISE Mission Offers A Taste Of Galaxies To Come

Archaeologists Discover Mysterious Images In Pyramid's Chamber Of Secrets
"Melon-Sized Hailstone"?! Not So Fast....
800-Mile-Wide Hot Anomaly Found Under Seafloor Off Hawaii
Congressman Warns: “Those Who Can, Should Move Their Families Out Of The City”
Hundreds of Thousands of Fish Found Dead in Lake Surrounding Heating Volcano
Transhumanist Feminists Want Artificial Wombs As Path To Future Freedoms
New Abortion Law Faces Planned Parenthood Fight
Are Americans Getting Comfortable With Immorality?

Obama Is The Most Hostile Sitting U.S. President In The History Of Israel

115 Quakes at Taal Volcano in 24 Hours!

Obama's Favorite Terrorist Moll Declares America to be a Terrorist State and Hopes for Its Destruction from Within


Peter Kling: Prince William is the Antichrist, Future King of One World Government!

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre released June 15, 2011, author and hermeneutics expert Peter Kling has stated that Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, embodies the entity known as the “Antichrist,” to be the future king of a one world government now promoted by the New World Order.  Under this analysis, the present United Nations is under time schedule starting in 2013 to be morphed by the Illuminati hidden power structure into a dictatorial, police state “one world government” over which Prince William will be installed as Head of State and King of the world.  According to Mr. Kling, the Antichrist is a political and exopolitical office, not a religious one as commonly interpreted. The one world government, and Prince William as its putative Head of State, are expected to be essentially a surrogate global state of a hyperdimensional Orion grey ET and Draco reptilian takeover of Earth... 

Peter Kling: Obama will bring Peace, ET False Flag, “Armageddon” against Good ETs!

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre released May 26, 2011, hermeneutics expert Peter Kling stated that his scientific analysis of prophetic texts contained in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible indicate that U.S. President Barack Obama has a Biblical destiny, although the destiny may ultimately not be a favorable one for the world population. Mr. Kling has developed an Exopolitical interpretation of "Armageddon" as it appears in the Bible... Mr. Kling says, "Revelation 19:11 is when the real Alien attack and the "War of Armageddon" take place. Armageddon is not the destruction of the Earth, it is the destruction of the "Class 1 Planet" the New World Order and its supporters and the Rebel Aliens who helped establish it." Mr. Kling says that Armageddon is when ethical extraterrestrial civilizations intercede on Earth to overthrow the New World Order that is supported by unethical ETs...

The Terrors In Our Times: Do They Mean The End Is Near?!

The point Jesus made was how paradoxical that the religious leaders of the day could tell the weather (not their expertise) while failing to foresee how the religious and political climate would affect their nation – matters about which they were supposed experts. It was a giant case of not seeing the forest for the trees. The Jewish leadership should have recognized that cataclysm was inevitable. All the ingredients were there, like chemicals ready to combust.   From the moment that the Jews and the Romans synchronized their efforts to crucify Jesus, there was no rolling back the clock.  The fate of the Jewish nation was settled.  Their actions sealed their fate.  True, their apocalypse was still almost a generation of 40 years away.  But Jesus insisted that His prediction about the destruction of Jerusalem’s and its sacred temple were surer than the continuance of the physical universe.  “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.”  The apocalypse associated with the Jewish nation – its dissolution and the worldwide diaspora of the Jewish people – was not avoidable. Do the terrors of our times suggest we live in the last days?...


Leaked U.S. cable lays out North American ‘integration’ strategy!

The integration of North America’s economies would best be achieved through an “incremental” approach, according to a leaked U.S. diplomatic cable. The cable, released through the WikiLeaks website and apparently written Jan. 28, 2005, discusses some of the obstacles surrounding the merger of the economies of Canada, the United States and Mexico in a fashion similar to the European Union. “An incremental and pragmatic package of tasks for a new North American Initiative (NAI) will likely gain the most support among Canadian policymakers,” the document said. “The economic payoff of the prospective North American initiative … is available, but its size and timing are unpredictable, so it should not be oversold.” Many different areas of a possible integration are discussed throughout the cable,...

Fukushima Radiated Water May Overflow Trenches!

Mutant Bacteria - E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Aggressive New Strain!

Washington Times Admits New Round Of Superhuman Movies Steadily Desensitizing Mankind Toward A Transhuman Future!

Increasingly, people are exposed to technological advances that make superhumanity seem at least plausible. Until recently, R.U. Sirius was the editor of H+ (short for Humanity Plus), a magazine devoted to “transhumanism” - the ways in which science, medicine, and technology have created opportunities for human adaptation and enhancement. “There’s a certain alertness to the science fictional nature of current reality,” Mr. Sirius says, “as we start to see artificial intelligences compete in chess and then on ‘Jeopardy,’ and we see the manipulation of biology becoming a leading industry, and we see people being regularly ‘cyborged’ with replacement parts.” Over time, that sort of exposure may help normalize and popularize the idea that humans don’t have to be merely human...