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We have come to the conclusion to continue to fight the Banksters to save a home which has lost almost 50% of its value, in an area which has become overrun with a drug epidemic, is "Insanity"! The issue is that our family is not alone in this situation, it is an issue which is plaguing America and has left many families completely destitute and homeless. How can we stop this trend and provide a safe, healthy environment in which to raise our families ?

"Lead by example"... Because we are not alone and many families find themselves victims of this "System", we have started "The Homestead Project"! After an extremely extensive search, we were able to find land located in an area where family and community still have meaning. Where people still care about their neighbor's well being, the environment and less about the "latest and greatest" gadge.

It is our intention to build an "Off Grid" homestead and plan to document our progress, because others are, or may be facing the same situation and challenges. Many would like to move their families to a safe and secure location, but are not sure where, or how to begin.

"If You Build it They Will Come": Because there is still a large amount of "affordable" land across America (If you know where to look.), there is a large opportunity for others who are so inspired to take the leap of faith and relocate to a more secure area. Lead by example and never follow anyone who does not take their own advice. We have taken the first and biggest step, the "Leap of Faith". We will build it and others will come. Because we know this we ask for your support! 

"Pass It On" Because many would like to change their current situation and are ready for a fresh start and because they don't know where to begin, as we get established, we can also help others to make a move like this too. Knowing the people in the area and having friends to willing to help, can make a major "Leap of Faith" seem like a small step! 

Thank you all for your support!
Love and Blessings to you and yours! 
Peter Kling

The Einstein of Biblical Prophecy

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